Thursday, 10 July 2008

Lazy (Gone Since November)

Guys. I don't even like the word guys. Why am I using the word guys? What is wrong with me? People. Yes, people. I have a confession to make - and it won't altogether be news to anybody - I'm lazy.

Caple and I don't really have set roles within this little thing we set up but if we did I'm pretty sure I would have responsibility for web and e-mail - and, as you all know, I've been, let's look for a suitable word here, crap. Sackable.

My excuse used to be - and I might have used this one on you, and there is some truth there in it - that I updated websites all day for work and was exhausted by the whole process. But that excuse is no longer valid or acceptable. So I'm going to update. I promise. At least the date, the time, the venue - necessities. Niceties may take longer. But necessities, yes.

We love you guys (What the hell is wrong with me?) Having a dozen of you turn up on the wrong night sucks. Eloquent, this morning. It's not going to happen again.

Voila. That's all.