Saturday, 22 September 2007

Come join us. Do.

I made a mistake. Our next event is on October 9th at 8pm, not October 2nd as was once mentioned here and elsewhere. So October 9th, 8pm, Romany, Northampton. Come join us. Do.

We are still looking for 1,000 words about the sea and its paraphenelia. September 30th deadline. E-mail text to

Friday, 7 September 2007

The way the candles make the room glow

We have wonderful pictures. Thank you Andy (I have got that right, haven't I?)

They talk about the September 4th night far better than I could.

I will say one thing though. My favourite thing about Ripping Pages - poetry, prose and people aside - is the way the candles make the room glow. Can you tell I grew up on 'The Little Matchgirl'?

The rest of the photos (fifteen - and more on file) are available here.

The next event is on October 9th at The Romany in Northampton. Hope to see you there.